Ask Sharing ESPHome devices

please help, has anyone tried Sharing ESPHome devices with a different home assistant, say with a friend who of course has his own home assistant. Refer to this guide: Sharing ESPHome devices — ESPHome. how to determine package_import_url: and improv_serial:

Define what you mean by sharing. Do you mean having a single device that is connected to both HA instances or do you mean having the ability to preconfigure an ESP device for your friend to use?

The page you linked to is for the latter. To preconfigure an ESP device for someone else to use.

yes. i mean having the ability to preconfigure an ESP device for my friend.and I want friends to only need to change wifi to use the esphome need to preconfigure again

Gotcha. You’ll want to have the code hosted in Github and that will be your package import URL. That will allow your friend to adopt the device in the ESPhome add-on. This is not required for them to add it via the ESPhome integration though. You don’t need improv_serial. Just make sure you configure the fallback AP. That’s what causes the ESP device to create it’s own wireless network when booted up so you can connect and provide the WiFi credentials.

  # Set up a wifi access point
    password: "12345678"

# In combination with the `ap` this allows the user
# to provision wifi credentials to the device.