Asking Alexa to Change Channel on a specific TV


I have ceated some helpers and exposed to Alexa so that I can then use a Button State to activate an Automation to do what I want based on a Voice Command. This is very tedious as I have to then make a matching Scene in the Alexa so that Alexa knows what to do. Ideally I just want HA to connect to either LGOSWEB or Sony Android TV and do what I ask it to do just like you can on the TV remotes using your Voice.
Does anyone know if there is a way to avoid using Alexa APP Scenes?
If not then is there a text based interface to Alexa APP Scences ? As I am using Phone Share on PC to speed things up a bit.
I have Tried the PLEX APP and it just does not work properly or at least its not WIfe proof.
For each of the automations I have created a TV ON if the TV is not on so that it will work.
ALso I have created PLEX automations for the Movie Libary to play War Movies or James Bond Movies or movies from a certain decade.

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.

Here some Screenshots to help explain.