AskoHeat plus / Solarmanager Askoma Energie manager

Dear all Hello
I need to appologize, if I have not used the correct Category to place my rewuest and question.
I´m pretty new in Home assistand and I also have not really a clue how to Edit or create any code for Home assistand.

I like to integrate my Solar ( PV) inverter with all parameters from Huawei.
in addition I have an Askoma Heat heating device plced in my Water buffer.

Now I have allready tryed to integrate the Solar ( Huawei) all worked good and easy.
There was one Issue, if all was connected, the Data was not longer availeble in the Askoma APP, where I could see production and consumption from House and Heating device. If I disable it in Home assistant data is back inside the APP.

Now my question will be, if there is any one here Who is also using an Askoma Heating devive in combination with my Solar.

Itwill be nice if some one is having an Idea.

Many thanks in advance