Assign area to yeelight entity?

I’m not the first to report Yeelight is missing but I haven’t seen my question yet so here goes.
I have several Yeelight devices in different rooms.
These devices are automatically added but didn’t give me the option to modify them so i added them like this:

- yeelight
name: Garden
name: Attic
name: Door

This gives me the option to adjust the names but not the area they are located in.
And i think unable to assign an area to them makes them also useless with Google Assistant integration?

I am unable to find these Yeelight devices under Integrations, Devices or Entity Registry.

You can locate them under Customization but then your still unable to assign area to it and thus unable to use them in Google Assistant.

Any ideas?

what were you going to do with areas? They currently do nothing.

When using Google Assistant integration they actually do.
I can do Area based actions and it will give me a nice organized overview of devices placed in certain areas.

To continue on the Area topic. It would be nice to also assign grouped devices to an area and then have them visible in the Google Home app as a single entity.

I have a group of 3 GU10 Ikea lights which you can’t voice control as a group but only a s a single entity.

You can make adjustments in Google Assistant/Home app but this is a lot of work when you have many devices.
Plus when using the Google Assistant integration all these settings are directly migrated to Google Assistant/Home app, no need to make adjustments.

Found a different way to accomplish what i want although i still find that we should be able to properly edit Yeelight devices.

I’m going to manually add all devices using this configuration: