Assign Area with MultiSelect from Tables

Since the multiselect & assign functionality now exists for the new 2024.4 organizational features for categories and labels, it would be great if we can also assign areas (to Devices, Entities, Automations, Scripts, and Scenes) in bulk multiselect through the table interface.

I thought I might have heard during the live stream that this was possible, but I’m not seeing it in my current release - it seems the only way to assign an area remains as one at a time through the information edit dialogue.

On a related note (kind of), i think another improvement would be to have a mechanism to (optionally) "push down’ the organizational assignments (area, label) of Devices to all associated underlying entities… I know this wouldn’t necessarily be something everyone would want to do and might not always directly apply certainly possible that an entity for a device could have a different label or area assignment) but something to this effect would actually make setting up all these organizational elements the first time much easier. If this is considered a separate feature request, I’m happy to submit this one separately.