Assign category and label(s) when saving automation/script

Categories and labels are great, and I easily managed to assign them to all my existing automations.
However, I think the UX could be improved when creating a new automation, as it would make sense to add two fields to the Save dialog to assign category and labels directly, without having to go back to the automation page, search the automation, select it, and then move it to the category and assign labels.
This would not only save a few clicks, but it would also prevent the user forgetting about it (I often do :sweat_smile:).
Of course, the same applies for scripts.

Great idea!

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Oh my word please don’t make this mandatory. It is a Terrible Idea.
I have no intention to add metadata for the sake of adding metdata.
This is of O use to me.

I would like the fields to be optional of course, one of the best thing about HA is choice!


I agree, like “description”, an option.

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