Assign entity area for Google Home and Home Kit

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Through my researches I was not able to understand if there’s a way to assign a room/area to an entity. I’m able to set the room through the google home configuration, like:

      expose: false
      room: LIVING_ROOM

but since there is no such possibility in the homekit configuration, which I’m using as well, is there a way to intrinsically set the entity area once and only once somewhere in the configuration?

The reason is because I do use both systems, as me and my girlfriend have two different devices. Everything works well but since I’m always adding and modifying my custom mqtt entities, especially in these days, it would be lovely that both google home and homekit would automatically take the hint of the new/updated entity’s room.
At the moment this doesn’t happen of course, and I have to manually set the rooms on both devices. It’s not a really big deal, it’s just a matter of redundancy that I prefer to avoid.

These are 2 separate integrations, I don’t see how you can apply config for 1 integration to a different one…

I don’t want to assign Google Home configuration to Home Kit or viceversa. I just want them to retrieve the entity’s room property (which apparently does not exist, since it is an entity), just like they do with the entity’s name.
Honestly, I don’t see why it should not be possible, I just can’t figure out how I can assign an area to an entity and, if it is not possible, why so.