Assist button not working - unknown Action

I tried to set up Assist Button shortcut on my Iphone (according to this link), it is installed properly but doesn’t work.
Every time i try to use it, I get this error:
“The shortcut could not be run because an action could not be found”.
In info there is missing action: “io.robbie.HomeAssistant.AssistantIntent”
Home Assistant Companion app version: 2022.10.1 (2022.424)
iOS 16.3 (iOS is up to date).
I know Assist is a totally new feature, but it looks very promissing :slight_smile:
Does anybody have such a problem, or solution for this?

First you need to update Home Assistant Companion App on your iPhone. From App Store I’m getting that my version is 2023.2.
I had the same problem a few days ago, but after updating the Companion app on my phone the shortcut is working now.

Thank you, so simple!
I didn’t realize that I need to update app manually - it doesn’t show update availability info in app store.
Now it works perfectly :slight_smile: