Assist cannot tell me the temperature of my rooms

I was hoping to get the assist dialog to be able to tell me the temperature in the room.
I only have Temp and Humidity Sensors and NO thermostats, thats why I thought it didnt work in the first release of assist.
But even now it is not working. Even if I copy the example promt “What is the outside temperature?”
It doesnt understand me…
I tried replacing outside with my rooms, that have sensors in them, but no luck.
My room names are correct, I can for example turn all the lights on/off in a room, but it will not tell me the temperature.
Is this because I have no thermostats and only use sensors?
Can any of you people ask Assist for temperatures of sensors?
I would greatly appreciate some feedback :smiley:

Looking forward to integrating a local speach assistant, but first I want the basic features covered!


Same problem here.

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same here. looks like Assistant works only for actions not to get some info from your sensors. too bad

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Same here, a year ago home assistant told me all temperatures incl all the connected smartphones temps, now it’s not understanding me.

I just hooked up my Assist to a M5 Stack Atom Echo and ran into this issue. After reading the responses to this thread, I fear that @Themsk is right. I hope this changes in the future.

Hello, I have the same thing, it turns the lights on and off, the temperature of the sensors does not show even though approx. it worked for a week. I hope for an early remedy.:slightly_smiling_face:

Hello, is there any update on this topic ? Would be very useful if it 's possible

With Homeassistant 2024.3.1 its functional:

Q: What is the temperature in Bath?
A: Bath is 21.4°C
Q: What is the temperature in Bathroom?
A: Sorry. I am not aware of any climate in the Bathroom area.

As you can see I have two areas defined. One has a thermostat connected. To get a grip on what to query I looked into [1], the intents repository with training data - don’t know a better source yet, as this is the first time I’m trying intents with homeassistant. That concrete file also shows what domain is required (climate). and there are more languages available.

Regarding your question about temperature sensors, I queried a temperature sensor:

Q: What is the state of Outsidetemperature?
A: Outsidetemperature is 6.88°C

As those are just sensors you’ll have to query them accordingly as it seems. Sensors are listed in the HassGetState.yaml file [2].

  1. Homeassistant-Intents-Repository - climate_HassClimateGetTemperature.yaml
  2. Homeassistant-Intents-Repository - HassGetState.yaml

You can set up a response automation for this. Its retty easy to set up.

alias: response_outside temperature
description: ""
  - platform: conversation
      - What is the outside temperature
      - What is the temperature outside
      - What's the outside temperature
      - What's the temperature outside
condition: []
  - set_conversation_response: |-
      The current temperature outside is {{
        states("sensor.outside_temp_temperature")}} Degrees
mode: single

Although, I can ask what the temperature is in the garage and get an answer and I dont have an automation like this set up for the garage.
I do have ChatGTP set up as a fall back also.

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Or if you want to keep it the generic intent way it might work if you use a generic thermostat to cast your temperature sensor.

I guess I would prefer @Rich37804’s solution as it can be more natural the way my brain thinks than my hassio assistant thinks.