Assist keyboard hotkey

At this moment there are 3 available hotkeys (e, c, m) that activate quick bar dialogs. It would be great to add Assist hotkey as well (a). I suspect it should be a quite feature to add and it would make it possible to use assist dialog even when the Assist button is not visible.


So, what is that thought window in the top right corner of every dashboard screen for again?

You want a second button I guess. I’m kinda doubting that would happen, but I guess it’s OK to ask.

Well, there already is a hotkey for an entity search dialog even though there is a search icon on every dashboard, so I don’t think it is a problem to duplicate this functionality for Assist.

Also with such hotkey it would be possible to activate Assist dialog on other screens as well (in settings, dev tools, automation editor, etc.). I quite often have to open a second browser tab just to toggle some light when I’m editing something in the config. With Assist dialog available on hotkey it wouldn’t be necessary.

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