Assist Microphone - distorted voice

"Hello, I am using the ‘Assist Microphone’ to recognize the wake word.
The wake word functionality is working properly. However, I am encountering an issue with the response; the voice is sped up and distorted, and I have error in the log:
'ALSA lib pcm.c:8570:(snd_pcm_recover) underrun occurred.'

My operating system version is 10.5,
Home Assistant Core version 2023.9.2.

I am using a Jabra Speak 510 for both my speaker and microphone.

The issue has been already rised here: Assist Microphone Addon: ALSA lib underrun occurred · Issue #26 · rhasspy/hassio-addons · GitHub, the Add-on creator said that it will be fixed with the next release.

Can’t find any statement of the author that this will be fixed, can you share where you found that statement?
BTW I have the same issue :slight_smile:

It was originally mentioned on Discord, it’s update 2.2.0 that has rolled out. It improved for me, but I’m still having other issues.