Assist Microphone in Core

I’m trying to set up wake word recognition. I’m running HA Core, and all the components (piper, whisper and openwakeword) are all up and running. The pipeline works fine from the browser or from the companion iOS app.

For wake word functionality, all the info I’ve found requires the installation of the “Assist Microphone” Add-on, but I can’t find a way to install it in core. Am I going about it the wrong way? Did I miss something? Is there somewhere I can get it as a custom component and install it manually?

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This stuff is complicated. I got it all going but I’m using an ESP32 and ESPHome. You might try asking over on the HA Discord channel.

I reached out to Mike (@synesthesiam) and he pointed me to the homeassistant-sattelite docker:

There is a Docker image available: GitHub - synesthesiam/homeassistant-satellite: Streaming audio satellite for Home Assistant

You will need to pass the host/port of HA as well as a long-lived access token.

Haven’t tried it yet, but hopefully it can help someone in the same situation.

Did you end up getting a solution?

I got a Home Assistant Green and I thought I could just plug the USB conference microphone I have into, but even with Piper, Whisper, openWakeWord and Assistant Microphone, I’m stumped. It’s been a bumpy road to get here and as a software engineer I just imagine regular people giving up much sooner. In fact, I only bought a Green instead of further tinkering with my Pi because I thought this would be plug-and-play after the Year of Voice.