Assistance in solving calendar notifications to Google Speaker

Ive redone my HA and removed Alexa speakers from my setup and only using Google speakers. The alexa automation I setup in the past worked flawless to announce my calendar events of the following day at a specific time. I am now only using google speakers to broadcast announcements. I would appreciated any help regarding how Ive chosen to setup this automation as HA announces but not the calendar events, only the “Tomorrow’s calendar events are” or “There are no events scheduled for tomorrow”

I setup a scipt as attached and the automation, however the automation does run at the specified time however does not speak(announce) the calendar events.

I would appreciate any assistance or advice to get my issue resolved. Thanks to all of you people that provide support.


The events attribute of calendar entities was deprecated last July and removed in December or January… You will need to use the calendar.get_events service to retrieve the events. In addition to the service’s docs, there are dozens of posts, like this one, showing how to use the service and get specific event data.

Thanks for the update… Ill pursue that method calendar.get_events