Assistance needed with hass-actron Actron Air Conditioner addon

Hi All,

I’m having some difficulty understanding how i set up the forwarding part of the hass-actron Actron Air Conditioner addon.

The documentation states:
You will need to ensure (through a local DNS configuration on your router or home DNS service), that the following host names resolve to the IP address of your Home Assistant server.

  • (usage reporting)
  • (older firmware versions - data/command traffic)
  • (more recent firmware versions - data/command traffic)
  • (more recent firmware versions - firmware updates)


The add-on will need to maintain the TCP port 80 binding, as the air conditioner will only attempt to connect to the system on port 80.

Also, the addon store contains 3 addons:

  • Actron Air Conditioner
  • Actron Que Air Conditioner
  • NGINX Home Assistant SSL Proxy

I am running a Unifi Dream Machine Pro and cannot see how to add DNS forwarding.

I would rather not have to go to the effort but can setup a PiHole or DNSMasq on a separate pi and use UDMPro firewall rules to specify the route for the above urls to be the PiHole or DNSMasq and then in those tools, specify my HA server as the destination (a lot of effort).

My question is (or where my confusion is), am i able to use NGINX Home Assistant SSL Proxy (available in the addon store) to do the dns forwarding? If so, can someone explain how, OR can i use the HA addon DNSMasq to do it, if so can someone explain how.

Thanks in advance

Hi Michael,
Part of the reason I didn’t go down the path of hosting the control internally was because I didn’t feel like playing with my DNS settings and wanted the existing app to still work.

I run a Cloudkey,USG,UAC Pro setup at home, the DNS forwarding is not available via the Gui but according to this post may be possible via command line (ssh). I am assuming the same should be possible with the dream machine as it is a combo of these.

Thanks Keith, atm i’m content with not including into my HA environment as i dont have time to play around with adding a dns server. Unfortunately the UDM Pro does not allow for config.gateway.json updates as its not running EdgeOS like the other products you listed.

If it helps here is my implementation without the addin just using the existing actron application server etc.

Apologies for the delayed response, I only just saw this… Thank you for the info, I will read through it and give it a shot.