Assistance with "custom:mini-climate"

Hey guys,

So I’d like to get away from using custom:simple-thermostat and start using custom:mini-climate instead, for several reasons, primarily screen real estate (and yes I’m aware of the compact mode, but it’s not suiting my needs). Problem is, I can’t make heads or tails out of the config for custom:mini-climate, It’s got so many options I’m not really sure where to start, other than a basic card, calling my climate entity.

I’ve got custom:simple-thermostat configured as such:

  - type: custom:simple-thermostat
    entity: climate.thermostat
    show_header: false
    decimals: '0'
    step_size: '1'
    step_layout: column
      temperature: Temp
      state: Status
      - entity: sensor.thermostat_battery
        name: Battery
      _headings: false
          include: true
          include: true
          include: false
          include: false
          include: true
          include: true
          include: false
        icons: true
        names: false
        headings: false
      step: column


Could anyone lend me a hand in configuring custom:mini-climate in a similar fashion? I really enjoy the auto setting, and setting a high/low temp, and having the thermostat figure out which hvac mode is needed, depending on temperature. Just not sure how to configure that in custom:mini-climate

Even a basic working config to get me started, would be more than adequate; I’m capable of taking it from there.


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It’s a good card, I like it, but it has very poor documentation & I haven’t been able to find any good help for it either sadly.
The documentation it has is only really useful if you are using the example they give for things, they don’t even tell you what options are available on some things like indicators. I want a Sun & Moon idicator. That should be pretty simple. But everything I have tried does nothing. & I can’t even get the secondary_info to show what the default one does. I want it to say Idle (Cool) - Hold like it says if you click on it or even just Idle - Hold like the default card does, but all I can ever get it idle.
Best of luck, I’ll post here if I find anything helpful

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