Assistance with Tasmota Energy sensor - time it takes to update

Hi all,

I thought i once read somewhere that there is a command in Tasmota that will allow me to update the time between samples take of various tasmota sensors… in particular the Energy sensor.

I have a dumb Equilibrium EQ25 Pool controller that I have installed a SonoffSV into, which i use as a dry contact trigger to change the status of the pool controller through its three states, On, Auto and Off. I have also installed a Tasmota Shelly1pm behind the power point which the pool controller plugs into, which I would like to use as an indicator to whether the pool pump is running (the pool pump plugs directly into the pool controller, thus if the pump is running, the pool controller draws more power). My issue is that the Energy sensor in the Shelly1pm takes a long time to update its status. I am finding that i can trigger the SonoffSV to turn the pool controller to an on (manual) state which will activate the pool pump, but the Energy sensor will then lags behind by 4 mins before it updates to let me know it is drawing more power.

Does anyone know the command i can plug into tasmota to shorten this lag? If i need to go to another solution, because this is not achievable in tasmota, I am happy to do so.

Thanks in advance for your help

try this


Thank you very much for sending through the page and not just the command.

If I have understood the page correctly, I can update the TelePeriod from 300 to something more reasonable so i can get any update in a shorter period, but I can also (instead of TelePeriod) try to update the PowerDelta setting from its current 0 to (I will try 80) something reasonable to get the update each time it changes by more than 80% regardless of the TelePeriod value.
I am going to try to use the PowerDelta command first and if that doesnt work, will update the TelePeriod value.

Thanks again for the prompt reply

what i did was wire it to a 60w light and use that as my base line.