Assisting elderly, physically challenged person with plug and play for Insteon migration

I have over 50 various devices using Insteon, Alexa and some other 3rd party devices. Due to my physical condition I have to depend on the automation. Add to that I am technically challenged.

Are there any device(s) that would import the existing devices so I can use Alexa and an ios phone app?

Your assistance is greatly appreciated.

Hello @agimpels First a couple of questions:

  1. Do you have Home Assistant setup with your Insteon hub connected?
  2. Did you sign up for the Home Assistant Cloud?

If you answer yes to both of those you will be able to use your Alexa app to control your Insteon devices. Happy to walk you through those steps if you need it.

I thank you for the offer. I am trying to set up the device, but I am stuck on time zone. I am in Miami (yes, it is part of the US) but it will not accept edt UTC–5 or any other commonly used input.

I did sign up for the HA cloud. I have not connected the HA to the Insteon because of lack of instruction.

Got the time zone setup

Your next step will be adding the Insteon integration. Here’s the instructions. There’s a link in the instructions with a button that says “add Integration” that if you click it should bring you right to the configuration setup page. This integration will bring your insteon devices into Home Assistant.