Association between a S2 Unauthenticated node and a S2 Unauthenticated/Authenticated node

This doesn’t seem to work, and I don’t really get why. Anyone know why? One of my Z-Wave switches supports only S2 Unauthenticated. The other supports both S2 Unauthenticated and S2 Authenticated. I use zwavejs2mqtt with Home Assistant, and I included the hybrid one as both S2 Unauthenticated and S2 Autheticated. However, associations between it and the S2 Unauthenticated only switch would not have any result. If I include the hybrid switch as only S2 Unauthenticated, then the association with the S2 Unauthenticated only switch works.

Does anyone know if this is not supposed to work by design? If not, what’s the point of including a device as both S2 Unauthenticated and Authenticated? Both switches are from the same vendor so it’s not that.

AFAIK ZWave Direct Association REQUIRES all devices in the association to be jouned with the same security level and encryption to work.

This is why i join all my Zooz Zen32 devices without S2… So they can be used as remotes for Graber (ZWave) blinds.

Yes, but you can include a device with multiple security levels and encryptions, like the one I mentioned. I included it as both S2 Authenticated and S2 Unauthenticated. That should apparently let it be associated with both S2 Authenticated and S2 Unauthenticated nodes. (see this)

But it doesn’t seem to work. The associations only work between it and S2 Authenticated nodes, not the S2 Unauthenticated ones. I’m wondering if anyone got it working on their end or if I’m doing something wrong.

Ive literally NEVER been able to get that to work and havent had need to try because TBH, I dont need S2 on your average light switch. I ONLY include portal devices (garage doors, locks) and security controls (sensors on external doors and windows) securely.