Asterisk Assistant

I’ve created a Voice Assistant for Asterisk server which is integrated with Home Assistant, so I am posting it here to show off my work and help anyone who might be interested.

I am using Google for Speech Recognition and Text-to-Speech, so internet is required to run it.
Everything else is offline, so no credentials are exposed to the internet.

The project is split into three parts:

  1. Speech Recognition which records the speaker and outputs the text he said
  2. TTS which gets a string and converts it into a audio file to play
  3. Intent which matches the sentence of the user with the predefined sentences and executes the action

You can download and read more on this project at Asterisk Assistant.

404 page not found link

Oh, I had it private by mistake. Fixed it.

Possible to run this with offline speech recognition like rhasspy?

It’s not something I have considered yet because there are a lot of features that I could add, but I don’t have enough time to implement. I will definitely keep that in mind.

Great. I don’t like cloud services that much …that’s why I asked. Well . I’ll keep track of this project :wink: