Asus zenphone cannot run HA app

i have the first Asus Zenphone with the Intel chip. the apk i have installed fine BUT when i sign in with my user name and password it refuses to let me in. error: wrong user name or pw.
i created a simpler shorter user and pw to be extra sure but the same error came up. is there a reason why it does not work.
also, where else can i download the APK? on the official github, i have to compile the apk which i cant at the moment

Check that Android system WebView is up to date and that it is Google’s version.

The APKs are on GitHub, you don’t have to compile it. Just check the releases tab :wink:

this one?
i cant even sign in with Google Play because i cant even sign into my google account. so it looks like i need to side load this WebView thing.
will sideload tomorrow and see if that helps.
i see the APKs on git now. thanks! it was not easily seen

if you have to sideload it then you also need to make sure its selected as the default webview in your device settings.

well this is very interesting. the phone Asus ZenPhone 1 (intel chip) is on Android 5. strangely i can only install up to webview 89.0.4389.90. i cannot install anything newer like 101.
looks like i dont have a choice but try Bromite. will try this link on how. How to Ditch Google's WebView & Switch Android's System Browser to Bromite « Android :: Gadget Hacks

Just a fyi but bromite is not supported. Try chrome.