ASUSTOR and CC2652

Is somebody using CC2652 or similar zigbee stick on ASUSTOR NAS? I try to connect the stick to my NAS, but no ttyUSB is available. Probably missing driver…
I try few advices to install driver, but it did not work on ASUSTOR. I found only drivers for Synology or QNAP, but this drivers not work.
Will you help me?

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Where did you find the QNAP driver? I can’t find a working QNAP driver for it. Thanks.

For example:

and some other instructions…


Did you get it to work?
i am having the same problem!

Does anyone have a solution for this? I got one of those sticks too, and would like to use it with my Asustor installed HA.

No. My solution was to sell Asustor and buy Synology :unamused:

Damned! I did just the opposite after my 4 bay Synology decided to corrupt all the data on the disks.