AsusWRT failing to connect to host

Hi all,

I’m trying to get AsusWRT integration to work with my RT-AX82U. I recently installed Asuswrt-Merlin firmware 3004.388.6_2-gnuton1 but trying to setup the integration, it just keeps giving me the error “Failed to connect”. The host I am trying to use is the IP for the router, which is in repeater mode, but on the same network as my HA (running HAOS on a RPi4.

Any help with how to get this working would be appreciated. TIA.

Which communication protocol do you use?

I am using the default HTTPS protocol at the moment, as I didn’t want to change too much trying to get it to work.

I am attempting validation using the router’s admin password.

I seem to have got around this issue by factory resetting the router and changing the connection type following that to HTTP. This is not ideal, so I would prefer to get around whatever it is causing this issue, but for now I have working sensors and device information in HA.

I’m using HTTPS mode without any problems so I doubt that this is a problem with the integration.