ASUSWRT new integration and device tracker

I updated my HA this morning and I have an issue with this integration. I try to remove my asuswrt integration, enable “Devices Connected” but I don’t know where are my devices tracker. I verified my “known devices” and my devices are enabled for tracking. I want to check two phones, to launch an automation without GPS when they are connected on my network.

Thanks for your help.

Look in the configurations/integrations section and pick asuswrt. This integration is now managed from the UI, not the configuration yaml. You’ll see all the devices in that UI.

Unfortunately, I don’t see my device. When I look on the UI, I see my ASUSWRT integration, with 1 device and 5 entities, but when I click on the device, I see my access point and when I click again, I see that, but I don’t see my devices… (sorry in french :wink: )


You should see something like this on the integrations screen:


You’ll need to make sure that ‘Enable newly added entities’ is checked in the system options (accessible from the ellipsis menu on bottom right of the card), and under options you may want to tick track unknown.

Note, you need to add this from the UI in the latest version, then remove the entry from the configuration.yaml. I’m assuming you already know this but wanted to make sure.

If it’s anything like my upgrade, you’ll have “xxxxxx_2” entities for the devices from the device tracker now :frowning:

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OK, thank you, I didn’t see the good option :slight_smile:

image (in french sorry)

I don’t why, my devices doesn’t update correctly (never since a lot of time). My phone is on the wifi, always the same mac address. Do you have any idea ?
I checked my configuration, and I don’t see what is the issue.

IMO - there’s been some issues with the ASUSWRT integration, and it’s been unreliable for me as a device tracker for a few releases now. I’m finding devices not updating correctly, and have resorted to NMAP.

I noticed 2021.5.4 Bumped aioasuswrt to 1.3.4, so I’ve been keeping an eye on this, as I’d rather this than NMAP, but with not going out much thanks to covid it’s not so easy to spot the issues. So far it’s been ‘ok’ since this update, but I’ll only be convinced after some longer testing :frowning:

I used the integration now for a month and I agree that it is unfortunately unreliable for device tracking.

Some devices work fine but some devices does not update and stays to home for ever. If i manual set the state to not_home the state automatically changes back to home after a few seconds. Rebooting the host does not do anything. The only fix is to reboot the router. So maybe the problem is in the router itself instead of the integration??

The strange thing is that the network map in the router works fine and updates all devices as expected.

I’m almost certain its related to changes in the component the integration uses, in how the checks are made to determine what is and isn’t connected. I’ve still left this connected, but do not use this for presence detection due to the unreliability still - deferring to NMAP for importance device status checks now.

Do you mean aioasuswrt?

The strange thing is that the issues is related to only 1 device in particular (Samsung a41). My other 6 (Samsung and OP) devices work fine.

Someone have an idea what can cause this irregularity? If this is a bug I expect the same behaviour for every device

Yep - aioasuswrt returns the incorrect status. I had odd behaviour across many devices.
I think it’s to do with how it’s getting the status from the dnsmasq file which isn’t updated as frequently as you’d expect and therefore leaves devices showing as online, and isn’t representative of what you see in the router UI.

I still have this running but use NMAP for the important device trackers now (along with google maps) as this consistently works, so long as you disable the random mac privacy thing on any iOS devices on your home wifi connection.

Asuswrt used to be ok when known_devices was used. Since it was updated and all done through gui its a nightmare to admin. The problems revolve around not being able to remove any devices from integration and mac address randomisation. Ive got devices going up to device_tracker.iphone_15. If you turn off auto add to limit visitor devices clogging up config you can miss when iphones decide your network has changed so change their mac. One of my kids frequently changes his phone, it takes me ages to find. Work flow is to log onto router, find his device, note ip and mac, change name to something unique. The hunt through integration to find it after some hours has passed and new name appears. Disable all visitor entities. I am currently at 140 entities in this integration, my network has about 40 devices, of which i want to track 5. I think it may be easier to wait until all people are at home, uninstall asuswrt, restart ha, reinstall integration, hope all trackers have gone, add the 5 trackers, disable auto add. Repeat when a mac changes. Nmap seems like a better solution, give all devices you want to track a reserved address, issue with that it requires devices to respond to nmap which they won’t when powersaving. Asuswrt uses a combo of dhcp leases and wifi associations which still work when power save is on.


Yep :frowning: - I used to rely on asuswrt tracker, but it’s just too painful to maintain and has many issues with reliability of the devices it tracks. Don’t know if this is because I’m using AI Mesh, or if it’s just problematic regardless, but either way, the problems essentially make it unreliable

My device tracking uses a combo of google maps + one other for the tracked devices. I switched most of these to ping as NMAP was quite intensive and caused other issues, but for iOS devices I now use the custom iphone tracker component. I also make sure that devices don’t use privacy/random mac address on my home wifi

The two of these together with google mas has been consistent for some time now