ASUSWRT not working



My location (ASUSWRT) seems to have stopped working. Don’t think I’ve changed anything on the router?!?

Any ideas why this would be?
Running 0.73.1 on Hass)S 1.7

Thu Jul 26 2018 13:46:57 GMT+0100 (British Summer Time)

Connection refused. b': \r\npacket_write_wait: Connection to port 22: Broken pipe\r\n'


Not that it probably helps but mine is still working on 74.2.


Very odd - Rebooted router (Asus RT-AC68U) having done so several times before and it’s working again.

I think the router was having a bit of a skits-out as I also couldn’t connect to it through the Asus app on my mobile device.

Working again now!


Hi there,
In my case asuswrt-based tracking stops working after a while in Hass. Initially it discovers some devices (but only a few, not all) and then it claims that some of them are offline, which is not true.
The web interface and the app show all the devices correctly, so it must be something with the tracker.

I run the same commands in asus shell via ssh as the ones executed by asuswrt library and the results are correct - the same as in the web interface. However the status of the tracker in Hass is not :frowning:

The reboot of the router helps. But I don’t think it’s a router issue as I’m able to connect to it via the app and via web-interface without a problem. Hass does not report any issues with connection to my asus router…

Anyone experiencing the same issue?

My asus AC-RT68U works in AP mode. Hass 0.81.6

Also it sucks that the tracker shows all devices - regardless if they are connected witha wire or wireless.


Hi all,
My, for a loooong time, working device tracking using asuswrt has now, after upgrade of HA to 0.82.1, stopped working. I’m able to, with the same user as HA uses and its SSH-key from the host that HA runs on, login and run all the commands that AsusWRT executes, successfully on my Asus router. But the UI, web based, will not show any other status than away for any device tracked with AsusWRT, nor my number-of-people-at-home-automation, naturally. I’m also running a owntracks platform and its working as normal.

I’m running a Asus AC-RT68U in ROUTER mode running firmware:
The host running HA is an Ubuntu 16.04 machine running python 3.6 and running HA in a virtual env.

Unlike grzeg8102, rebooting my Asus router will not change anything. Occasionally I do get error messages in the HA log thrown by the But not very often at all. The error throws is a “TypeError: ‘coroutine’ object is not iterable”. But its unfortunately quite intermittent and I do not have a stack trace to include at the moment.

So, grzeg8102, one more that experiences similar issues like your self. :frowning:


Yup mines not working again now either.

This is actually massively frustrating as I have loads of automations that rely on wifi presence that asuswrt provides.


Same here. Not sure if it was after the last home assistant update or ASUS update. I use telnet as SSH is not supported in RT-N66U


Mine’s still fine :rofl:


Stupid question but I have the feeling after updating my Hass to latest beta with new asuswrt component my router is very unstable and the access from the outside on my server lags heavily…I don’t know what’s going on indeed but I never faced this issue before with my router… rebooting didn’t help. Component itself works so far …even if I shutdown Hass my external access is laggy … someone facing similar issue ?


That doesn’t sound good!

I’m not really sure I want to try a beta, so I’ll have to wait until it’s released to try it!


You sure? Latest hassio and firmware on router?
Seems lots have the issue.

Also, how do you access the router? Password or SSH?


I also have the same problem…


Mine is back up and running again!!! :smiley:

I’m now running HA 0.84.5.
One MUST update ones configuration for Asuswrt.

My old config:

- platform: asuswrt
username: !secret asuswrt_usr
ssh_key: !secret asuswrt_ssh_key
protocol: ssh
interval_seconds: 10
consider_home: 180
track_new_devices: yes

My NEW and working Config:

username: !secret asuswrt_usr
ssh_key: !secret asuswrt_ssh_key
protocol: ssh

- platform: asuswrt
interval_seconds: 10
consider_home: 180
track_new_devices: yes

That’s it! :smiley: