AsusWrt options for Sensor and Presence Detection

please consider adding optional creation of the presence detection sensors. As it stands, they are automatically created by default upon setup of the integration, and, as I have experienced, interfere with already existing presence detection sensors, or network scanners.

I understand, and have done so, we can disable these sensors, but even then, they use an entity_id.

Adding an option in the config flow of the integration to create sensors for Presence detection and Sensor, as described on could prevent this from happening.

If at all possible, the media_players would be a possible third category. In my use case:
I do like to see the sensors for speed and clients connected, and the media_players with their command options. Don’t need the device_trackers.
thanks for considering.

Sorry for a possible offtopic but I wonder why ASUSWRT cannot be managed via configuration.yaml anymore? All those customizations could be done in yaml too…

well, I fear that’s water under the bridge…

it would help already if we could set the system options during the config flow.

If we could prevent the device_trackers from being created at that point in the flow, we wouldn’t end up with an integration with 40+ devices /entities the user needs to set individually

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Yes you’re right. For me, it’s the same 36 devices and 40 entities. I need two to detect the presence of the phone. Several as a router monitor. I had to ban others (they can’t be removed) so that there wouldn’t be a clutter in the entities.