Asuswrt presence-detection

Hi folks, I’m new and am trying to figure out what the status of presence detection is with the asus routers. I have 4 of them setup in an AIMESH configuration with the primary router in AP mode.

I am seeing 8 devices “home” and “away” in my logbook, so I know it is communicating with my router.

BUT - I have 50 wifi devices, shouldn’t I see them all?

I have turned off my phone’s wifi as a test, watched it disappear from the router waited a little while, and turned wifi back on, but it never went home or away in Home Assistant — or even shows up as a device or MAC address there.

Is this broken?

post the config for you asus device tracker set up.

what do you see for the devices in your known_devices.yaml file?

Hello, here it is (user/pass removed). There are only 10 devices in my known_devices.yaml

  mode: ap
  - platform: asuswrt
    interval_seconds: 12
    consider_home: 300
      track_new_devices: true
      hide_if_away: false

I have the Aimesh with 3 routers and it works great. Difference in yaml file is I don’t use mode and I don’t use interval and consider home.

Another discovery: everything in my known hosts is a device on my WIRED lan. There are no devices in my wireless network listed. I am using the router in AP mode: I have a different device that does DHCP, firewall, DNS, etc. Is this not monitoring the wireless log for connects and disconnects?

I was also using the Asuswrt presence detection with an Asus router in AP mode, but could not get it to detect wireless devices.

This definitely seems to be what is happening with me as well. A real bummer, this would have been perfect for me for accurate geofencing. I may have to cobble something else together with one of the other presence options.

Hi everyone,
Found the correct data in the RT-AC67U AIMesh setup I have 7 of them on our site.
Have made a feature request to get more location data from our routers:

Please add suggestions and or improvements

And perhaps there is someone nice enough to help me improve my HA