Asuswrt sensors

Hi, is there any way to disable asuswrt sensors?
I dont like to have download/upload speed info sensors.
After recent changes in asuswrt componet it appears and it is giving me errors from now and then.
Thank You

Didn’t realise that’s what they were given the hopeless info on the update, thanks for pointing it out.

It is not for the first time but I cannot get any help here. It’s a waist of time. Everyone is sarcastic and unhelphul. Maybe that is just me but I wanted to share my experience.

What are you on about, I thanked you!

From your spelling I’m guessing English isn’t your first language and you may just be misinterpreting people’s replies.

No it’s not that only ( I thought it was sarcastic tho :slight_smile: ) but that is my general impression of this forum.

I’m having the same issue (updated a bit late). I commented out the sensor loading line for now, but it’s super annoying. Is there another example where there is a configuration toggle to disable it? I’m fine with it being one by default, but there should be a way to not have it and keep the device tracker. should fix that problem.