AsusWRT ssh broken after upgrade

Just did the latest upgrade, and now I’m stuck getting it to start up. It appears to have a connection error to my asus router, which was working fine prior to the update:

May 28 22:42:43 raspberrypi hass[18027]: ERROR:homeassistant.components.device_tracker.asuswrt:Unable to connect via SSH: could not set shell prompt (received: b"unset PROMPT_COMMAND\r\nPS1=’[PEXPECT]\$ ‘\r\nset prompt=’[PEXPECT]\$ '\r\n", expected: '\[PEXPECT\][\$\#] ').

Did something change?

I got the same issue after upgrading the asus router to the newest merlin firmware. After a downgrade to the last firmware the issue was resolved.

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