AsusWRT Upload and Download sensors accumulate forever instead of showing "daily accumulation" as per the docs

I am using the AsusWRT integration with an Asus ROG AX11000 router and it seems that the two sensors asuswrt_upload and asuswrt_download are accumulating traffic forever, not resetting daily as per the documentation, here:

Anyone else noticing this? Is this an error in the documentation and the sensors don’t reset? Or maybe a peculiarity of my model of Asus router?

Possible peculiarity of the router. I have an Asus RT-AC68U here and it is updated every day.

I upgraded to an AX11000 and I also have the same issue. I’ve had it for a few weeks and have never see a the upload or download sensor reset.

It resets at reboot.

In HA you can configure a utility sensor to get you hourly or daily usage if you like. That’s what I did.