"At what time you want to get up?"

Is there a way to make an Echo device ask me at what time am i getting up the next day to trigger an automation?.
I already have the actionable notifications but i belive that it can only read yes or no or numeric. Is there a way to answer a time of the day?

you can use a numeric response type to set the time for the alarm.

I’ve set it up and tested it it for my Alexa Media Players and it worked fairly well once I got a few bugs worked out.

But I haven’t actually used it much in real world situations yet so I don’t know how reliable it is. But I think it should work OK.

My bug that I had is that I was trying to have a “conversation” with the Echo and it seemed to lose track of the responses unless I added a few seconds delay.

you can see the thread trying to get that worked out with code examples here:

Thanks por the help