Atlantic heatpump boiler with heatpipes automation


We have a Atlantic heatpump boiler that we have connected to HA with the Overkizz integration.
We also have a heatpipe system with a CMI intergration.

I want to make an automation that if the Heatpipe system is sending hot water to the Heatpump, so that the heatpump not have to heat the water.

The CMI has an sensor.node_32_output_5 to control the pump, if this valeu is 1 then the heatpump don’t have to start.

Is this possible?

I can not find a switch in the entities on the Atlantic Heatpump to switch it on or off?

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You need to find a way to be able to do what you want “manually” in HA before you can create an automation to do the same thing.

What does the Overkiz integration provide for your boiler controls?

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These are all the entities :

What is water_heater.warmte_pomp_bolier?

At a guess, its set_operation_mode service should allow you to turn it on or off:

Have a look at the entity in Developer Tools / Templates and see what operation_modes it provides. Here’s the same sort of thing for the preset_modes for my climate entity:

Thanks again.

This what the teplate says :

OK, so it’s in state eco at the moment. It’s not very helpful that eco is not one of the items in the operation_list.

If you go to Developer Tools / Services, see if you can switch the boiler on and off using the water_heater.set_operation_mode service. Here’s me doing a similar thing for my climate:

Once you workout the service calls that operate the boiler how you want, you can incorporate those into your automation.

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I have these modes, but I can not choose anything?

@Activate your issue is most likely related to an open issue on the Overkiz integration with your device: Issues · home-assistant/core (

Thanks for the reply, wich issue do you refer to?

I was reading it wrong, I openend an isseu on Github.