Atom Echo doesn't find any wifi networks

Just got the Atom Echo today and tried to follow this:

It gets to the “Success” for the install, then it goes to scanning wifi but doesn’t go any further. Just keeps scanning.
I tried Chrome and Edge, same results.
Is there something else I’m supposed to do?
Is there another way to connect it after the firmware install?

Anyone know how to actually factory reset the Atom Echo??
I found ‘ideas’ of pressing the reset button (side button) twice and holding it down while powering and a couple others but none do anything.
Is there a definite reset option?

I got it to connect by adding it through the ESPHome plugin but then it disconnected and won’t reconnect. Not sure if it’s just a bad unit or not.

Did you ever get any help with this or figure it out? Mine is doing the same thing :rage:

Go here first:

Then you can add it to HA and do whatever you want from there.