Atom echo stops working after first wake word

I have a strange behavior on my m5stack atom echo and need help to debug this:
I installed everything correctly to be able to use voice commands and wake words by HA guide. When I plug in the atom echo, it takes a few seconds, then it shows up and purple like it on. I say “hey Jarvis … (Blue light flashing) … Turn on light” and after 10-15 seconds, light is on. Slow, but it works. Then the light is continuously blue and after several minutes purple again. But I can’t use the wake word again. I need to unplug and restart the atom echo to use it again.
By now, everything is with default config and I would need some advice how to debug the device or HA to find out how it comes. I searched the logs already but can’t find anything related after the first progression which shows me why it’s crashing.

Thanks in advance!

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For what it’s worth, I’m having the same problem. I’ve seen a couple other threads discussing this issue, but haven’t found a solution yet.

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I saw many working examples and didn’t change anything, but mine stocks every time I try… I ended up buying esp32 with mic and this works every time.

Same here, will work only one time with “hey jarvis”, then get stuck and doesn’t respond anymore. Doesn’t work at all with “ok nabu” when language is fr. not sure why, logs doesn’t show anything, it is like atom echo is deaf. However, everything works fine when using push button.

I got further progress on this issue by changing hardware (now using intel n305) and code adapted from ESP32 as a Local Voice Assistant With Wake Word In Home Assistant | Smart Home Circle (just reuse LED part and change pin settings).
Works continuously now, but not several commands in short period.