Atom Echo with dockerized local assist pipeline works once and stops

I’m having a problem with a Atom Echo that I haven’t seen on the other forum topics, and I’m curious if anyone is having the same problem. Basically the problem is that after processing a voice command successfully, the device won’t process any more commands until it power cycles.

I set up an M5 Stack Atom Echo with home assistant using this tutorial.
When I boot up the echo, the light turns on and I see a Home Assistant log confirming that it’s on. Then, when I say my wake word, I see the blue light pulsing while I speak. It pulses faster after I stop speaking, and I see home assistant log that it is processing the Assist. After a few seconds, the action I requested happens and the light stops pulsing. Home assistants logs that “Assist in Progress” is set to false. So far so good!

However, then the device won’t respond to wake words or button presses again until I power cycle it. After it performs one command, I can still toggle the light on and off from the home assistant panel, but I cannot get it to listen to my voice again until I unplug and replug it.

I also don’t get any response from the device after it completes the action. I was expecting it to play a confirmation message from the speaker, like it does using Assist on my phone or computer. I don’t know if this is related.

Let me know if you’ve seen anything like this before! Many thanks.

I’m running home assistant and a local assist pipeline in docker containers. The local assist pipeline works fine from other devices (like my phone), including TTS responses. All the docker containers are running with network-mode: host for now, so they should all be able to see each other’s open ports.

I think I have seen this referred to in the forum. Sorry to be vague, but keep searching.

This forum has been very helpful getting set up with Assist and Atom so far! I’ve spent a few hours reading through relevant threads, and I didn’t see anything related to this specific problem. I’m sure you’re right and I’ll keep looking elsewhere. My main motivation in posting here is to connect with anyone else who might be having the same problem currently. I figure those people might also have trouble finding relevant info in another thread.

Yeah it is a big place to search.

Maybe Voice Assistant stops working-listening

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Have you tried this?