Atomic Calendar Revive from hacs doesn't work

Hi to everyone
I’m tryng to use the atomic calendr revive card for lovelace installed from hacs (Hassio)

It’s seams that everything is ok, but in lovelace i can’t add the card… when i try to add the card with “costum card”

type: 'custom:atomic-calendar-revive'
name: 'My Calendar'
  - entity: calendar.xxxxxxxxxx

but I get “Error: Custom element not found: atomic-calendar-revive”

the js file is in: /config/www/community/atomic-calendar-revive/atomic-calendar-revive.js
and if i see the configuration of lovelace, in resource i find: /hacsfiles/atomic-calendar-revive/atomic-calendar-revive.js (javascript module)

Can some one help me?

I have the same:


HassOS 4.15, Supervisor Version 2020.11.0

enableModeChange: true

  • entity: calendar.xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • entity: calendar.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • entity: calendar.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    showMonth: true
    showNoEventsForToday: true
    type: ‘custom:atomic-calendar-revive’
    firstDayOfWeek: 1
    maxDaysToShow: 7
    calShowDescription: true

I made this one and problem solved:

"had to re-authorise with google.

Delete config/.google.token, then restart HA, it should set off a notification in HA that will take you to the google authentication page."