Atrea ventilation - Custom component

I understand.
Thank you very much for your time…

Good news Juraj :slight_smile:
It works!!! :slight_smile:
It was just the wrong password. Atrea has a different password for internet connection and modbus/ethernet connection. The login is the same, but the password is different.
Maybe it will be useful to someone else…

Hi Juraj, thanks a lot for the integration, saved me a lot of time as I was thinking to control over ModBus TCP directly from Home Assistant. This saves a lot of time, thanks!

I happen to have a full ModBus commands table for Atrea RD4 units (like my RA5). But you probably have this too, right? If not, I can share.

Hi Juraj! I know it’s been a long time since the start of this thread but I just got an Atrea unit , tried to set it up in HA, and got the following error : “IP address is not a supported Atrea unit” , here is some info about my unit : Duplex 370 EC5.aM-CE, sw: aMCE-v2.1.3 . Can you help me, is this version supported? Thanks!

Hi, that unit is not supported. Probably uses completely different UI.

Dear Juraj,
First of all, thanks a lot! And here is my use case:) I have my Atrea R-5 RK5 in my HA.

Use case: Whenever my photovoltaic (SOLAX) batteries are full, and I am pushing back energy to the grid, I want to increase the required water temperature so that I “store” the energy in the water via the current system (with no need to add any extra stuff).

The heat pump and two spirals heat water. I found this UI public on the internet - that’s what I have and what Atrea controls.

I am unsure if I can control the water temperature from Atrea UI. Any tips?

I mentioned earlier that im bashing together ugly code GitHub - xbezdick/amotionatrea that +/- works but is extreme alpha. I will be forcepushing into the repo until it gets more sane code and i can have 0.1 relesae. But ill appreciate second pair of eyes and input. Works only with the amotion version of ateea and i went for not modbus but direct api use with requests.

I have the same Heat pump as Ondrej Strouhal (atrea TCA 3.1). it would be great to have the whole combo, to control both units ie. if my FVE batteries are full, automatically increase the pump temperature to use the exceed energy for heating it, and not sending to the grid for 0.5kc/KWh

for now I have only basic FVE automation, that if the spot price is negative, my Goodwe invertor cuts of sending power TO the grid, to not pay for the sent energy.

if someone need info about that, I can send all needed links and info.