ATS switch controllable from HA


I want to enable HA to switch my heat pump from special lower grid tariff to PV powered mode.
I plan using a 3 phase USV (to secure power continuity) combined with a 4 pole transfer switch - 2 inputs (Grid or PV) to one output (heatpump).

Is there any transfer switch which I could control from HA directly?
I could image that I could use an industry standard swtich and control it via something like ESPHome, but mabye there is alreay a switch controllable by HA … using zigbee, wifi, z-wave— you name it.

Thanks :slight_smile:

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Did you ever find some hardware for this project?

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I have an APC AP7723 Automatic Transfer Switch that is controllable via either a webpage of via telnet… There is no integration available for these devices in HA…