Attaching Host USB Devices to WSL or Hyper-V VM

Hi fellow HA users,
I am using a hyper-v machine for Home assistant on Windows 2022 Server, i was wondering if anybody has experience with pass-through an external USB device like a speaker or sound device connected to the Windows host to be used in a Home assistant virtual machine installation.
There is a project on github with a driver called usbipd-win. before i dive into it and spend hours of fiddling with it i wonder if someone has tried it already.
For people that are interested read more at this link,


Not tried that way, but Windows Server has “Discreet Device Assignment”/DDA that lets you pass a PCI device to a VM, and that device can be a USB card. I’m plugging in zwave, zigbee & blutooth USB devices.
(like this: HA on Hyper-V with Z-Wave and Zigbee - It Works! - Configuration - Home Assistant Community (

That is a great option, thanks for info on this, sorry i could not reply to your message sooner.