Attempt to restore from tar backup, but refused as not "Home Assistant backup file" tar

Good evening. My RasPi 4 died after 5 years. I replaced it with a Beelink S12 Intel box. I loaded and dedicated to Home Assistant OS 12.2.

From my old RasPi 4, I have proper .tar backup files I believe.
The backups went to my local NAS, and have nine large and 14 small files.
They are not password protected.
7z opens it just fine and can see 024bd961.tar\homeassistant.tar.gz\homeassistant.tar\data
The tar file is local to the web browser, so no networking issue there.
I never clicked into CREATE MY SMART HOME. Do I have to on a clean install if I am just restoring?

When attempting to restore the backup to a clean install, I get the error Unsupported file format

Any suggestions?

I still have the old RasPi 4 drive, as it is an SSD, and could hang it off of the new system. In case the backups are damaged, is there a way to create a valid, restorable backup from the drive?

Also, how can I tell which file is a backup I have backups that are 10K and some that are 300M. all are .tar, and all are 8 character hex file names.

Open it with a compression tool and see the content.
Winzip, WinRAR or 7-zip can be used on Windows and Mac probably have similar.
The content should be several more tar files and one of these should be named homeassistant.

I had issue earlier with backups where it crashed under the backup of InfluxDBobno homeassistant.tar existed on the backups Even though the seemed like the backups was successful.


Got it. The files I am uploading are in the above construct, with homeassistant.tar in it. So those are the backups.

This removes one possibility why it is failing with the restore.

Any other thoughts?

Also, anyone attempted to restore it directly on the HAOS device? I can copy the .tar to a USB and attempt to restore using the ha command line.

Only one I can think of is that sometimes the browser downloads and uploads the files as text instead of binary.
When that happens it might convert Newline to Newline + Carriage Return or vice versa and that destroys a binary file.

Thank you.

Unlikely, but I am going to try another browser, and also local upload if that fails.

Anyone else ran into the same issues?

Update -

I use Firefox 125.0.3 (64-bit) by default.

Switched to Chrome Version 124.0.6367.119 (Official Build) (64-bit).

The restore worked.

I believe most things are back up. I will wait for things to settle, then full backup. :smiley:

Thank you!

Add-ons - Do add-ons not get backed up? Asking because for now, all appears to be gone.

Remember to restart the host after the restore, not just the core.


Hardware reboot did not work. But, when reinstall add-on, all configurations remained.