Attempts to get Fanimation fan integrated into HA, Smartthings skipping the fan but imports everything else

I have a Fanimation fan with the wifi dongle. It is connected already into Google Home, SmartThings, and Alexa. There is no direct HA integration for this manufacturer… see: Fanimation controller for HA? - #10 by Jason_Hayes

I am trying to create a card for this single fan.

I’ve started my HA Cloud trial, and connected Alexa + Google Assistant + Smartthings. My understanding is that Alexa + GA are really only for those voice assistants to control HA items, and not the other direction, which is what I need.

Smartthings imported a lot of devices, all of which were already integrated into HA… EXCEPT the fan. Weird. Not sure why it skipped it. Here’s the info page for the device from SmartThings.

Is there something simple I’m missing on why HA did not import this specific device?

If I can’t get it imported via Smartthings, is there a way of getting a card made via Alexa or Google Home to control this fan?