Attribute toggle switches or Simply displaying attributes as a table


I’ve created a flow for monitoring local and internet services which creates dynamic attributes based on the functions defined as circled

There will be many more service checks to add in due course and this is the main reason why I have gone down this route where I have a single entity encapsulating many service checks.

Currently the object looks like this

Now trying to link this into lovelace is as you would imagine a pain. Ideally each of the checks should have been an entity to easily associate a toggle switch.

Does anyone have any idea how I can display these states in lovelace ? Having toggle switches would be ideal but prefer not having to create hundreds of entities.

Or worst case how can I simply display the attributes in a friendly table based on colour state green for true - red for false ?


|check_Service_A|time stamp|
|check_Service_B|time stamp|
|check_Service_C|time stamp|

The table can be updated with a trigger I suppose - If that’s possible

Any help from you smart guys and dolls most welcome !

Lord help me … I haven’t got the faintest idea what I’m doing… jinja is such a PITA are there any howtos out there to help me ?

Here’s what I’ve got so far, surely there’s a better/easier way of doing this ?

type: markdown
content: >-
  <table> <tr><th>Probe</td><th>Passed</th><th>Time</th></tr> {%- for sh in
  reject('match','^friendly.*|^.*time') %}
    <tr><td>{{ sh }}</td><td>{{ state_attr('binary_sensor.check_services', sh ) }}</td><td>{{ state_attr('binary_sensor.check_services', sh + '_time' ) }}</td></tr>
  {%- endfor %} </table>