Attributing actions to the voice-invoking user in Logbook

I really like the Logbook view. In most situations, it works as I would expect; if I make a change through my web login, I get stuff like “Entity turned off by Sam”. If my wife makes a change through her login, I get “… changed to cool by Jess”. If it’s something untrackable (like a physical button or remote control) I just get an unattributed action, like “Entity turned on”.

I’ve noticed that when me or my wife make changes through Google Assistant (“Hey Google, close the blinds”) it’s always attributed to me, presumably because I set it all up.

  1. The Assistant app is smart enough to know the difference between me and my wife (we’ve both set voice match up). Is this information plumbed through to 3P integrations? My dream scenario is that voice actions would continue to be attributed, but to the right user.

  2. If this information isn’t available to 3P integrations - could we flag these as “…turned off by voice command” instead of attributing them to the user who set them up?

I don’t know about the other Assistants, but Google has a page that lets you review audio snippets (although NB there can be a bit of latency, and I haven’t verified if this includes audio that was voice matched to my wife):

Those min and max values are timestamps and product=31 filters to Assistant. I wonder if you could (in my #2 scenario) link out from “voice command” in the logbook to that URL, so a user could follow the link and play back the audio to see who it was.