ATV Launcher and Home Assistant Widgets

So this really doesnt count as a ‘project’ compared to some of the stuff going on here, but I thought i’d share anyway.

Ive been trying to get a better way of controlling some essential TV viewing automations and services I have. Things like dimming the lights for watching a movie, turning my Hyperion addon on and off that sort of thing. Ive used various buttons, voice commands and the companion app but nothing ever really stuck.

I recently got an nvidia Shield and was playing about with alternative launchers for it. I installed ATV launcher and realised it could display android widgets.

So, i sideloaded the HA companion app, created some button helpers that trigger various switches and automations, set some images for the widget backgrounds and voila.

The four buttons at the bottom are widgets triggering the service call. It Just Works and fits in nicely with my other TV controlling stuff. Will probably add another row, maybe with a couple of template widgets to show some useful information.