Atvremote is returning a Command not Found

I have installed HASSIO over Raspbian and also tried the stand alone HASSIO setup.
Either way I do not get the option to select the apple_tv service. Even when I run the setup throught he ssh commands everything installs without an error however I get the following error when I run the ‘atvremote scan’ command. “-bash: atvremote: command not found”

Try adding apple_tv: to your config and the services should appear.

Thank you for that advice, it added the service. The problem I have now is that the service doesn’t return a result. When I run ‘atvremote scan’ I get “-bash: atvremote: command not found”.
I suspect something is not installing correctly. I have followed this guide,,

Perhaps there is a better guide?

thanks again.

EDIT - i found this “AppleTV error in 0.49” where it points out to use ‘sudo pip3 install --upgrade pyatv’ and this fixed the issue.

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