Audio Distribution via Home Assistant

Hi all,

I’m a retired electro-mechanical engineer and a fair noob with HA, but am slowly getting my feet under me.

Recently we had a house built which I wired throughout and installed a Ubiquiti Universal Dream Machine SE and 3 access points.

To instantiate HA, I bought a Home Assistant Yellow, and fitted with a RaspberryPi CM (which was a pain to find).

I’ve got a main AV system of a Sony Bravia KD-65X85K coupled to a Yamaha TSR-700 powering a plethora of speakers in my living room.

Additionally I’ve got ceiling mounted speakers in 2 rooms driven by AIYIMA A07 TPA3255 Power Amplifier with ChromeCastAudio inputs.

I’ve been playing around with audio distribution and the “restrictions” placed by Google (I’m sure because of IP constraints) have led me to seek out other means to distribute audio around.

This is all for my wife, who to be kind is a complete luddite. She wants to be able to turn on the TV, and then “easily” broadcast the sound (which is being provided by the TSR-700) to the other two rooms.

Is it possible to send the audio being played by the TSR to the CCA’s using Home Assistant?

If so, how might this be done in HA?

Sorry if this seems to be a stupid question, but as I’ve said I’m something of a neophyte.