Audyssey (Denon AVR) configuration examples

Hi everyone,

Running a full home theater in an apartment has its challenges; the main one being getting proper sound from the system at low volume levels so as to not strain neighbor relations too much.

Audyssey, with its Dynamic EQ and Dynamic volume options, goes a long way in helping with this, but I would like to automate those settings depending on time of day and/or sources being used.

While the Denon AVR integration seems to support the Audyssey parameters, I need some help/inspiration to try and configure my setup.

Can anyone share some examples of what they might be doing in this regard?

Thanks in advance!


Presuming you have worked out the action to activate the correct mode on the Denon, I would:
-At time you want it to be quieter
-When amp is turned on

-Check amp is turned on
-Check the time is correct for it to be quieter

-set amp to low dynamic range etc.

  • anything else

Does that make sense?

Sure, it does make sense.

My doubts are more around the API calls that need to be configured, tough.

have you looked here:
have youu got the denon avr integration installed?

Yes to all the above.

What I’m interested in is in things like how to set up a sensor that gets my AVR’s current Audyssey Dynamic EQ status, for example.

@JPHutchins, any ideas?

We added and removed an implementation that would allow us to get Audyssey (and other) info. This corresponded with all the connection problems so it may get implemented again since it was not the culprit.

Here is the body of a POST that you would send to goform/AppCommand0300.xml

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
  <cmd id="3">
      <param name="eqname"></param>
      <param name="eqvalue"></param>
      <param name="dynamiceq"></param>
      <param name="dynamicvol"></param>

You can find more about these commands in my notes here:

My current understanding is that we call receivers that support this sort of command AVR X 2016 - but receivers made before then do have Audyssey so it would be nice to know if there was an HTTP API for them.

Schema for supporting commands like these (see in main for what is currently supported):

My new library will handle this stuff from the start though fast response is the main goal:

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I’m not sure you need that sensor in order to accomplish what you want to achieve.
Just send the command you want, if it’s already on ‘night mode’ and you activate ‘night mode’ would that matter?

Good point - if we are sending discrete commands then knowing the state is not required.

BTW @ricarva your initial goal of automating dynamic range control is the main reason I got involved in this integration … and it’s been a great 2 years lol!

Seriously though, there is something that confuses me: I refer to Audyssey Dynamic Volume as “DSP dynamic range control” since it is basically a compressor/limiter acting on the signals. Dolby (and others?) add another feature that I call “metadata dynamic range control” that should yield better results when supported. The issue is how Denon handles this - does it prefer metadata if it sees it? There are separate telnet and HTTP API commands for it - Denon calls the metadata version “dyncomp” in HTTP or DCO in telnet. Finally, there is the option to enable/disable loudness management. So three ways and it is confusing - I want the user presented with one simple option!

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@samnewman86 true, I don’t necessarily need to know the state to send out the command, but it would be ideal.

@JPHutchins confusing indeed. For my setup, though, I find that fiddling only with DynamicEQ ON/OFF and Dynamic Volume OFF/LOW/MED/HIGH gives me good customization results without messing with any other options.