August Integration - Not showing locked when manually locked?

Hi all, hoping this is the right place for this.

It seems like in my HA environment, whenever an August lock (4th Gen) is manually unlocked it updates correctly in HA as Unlocked, but when it is manually locked the Operator changes to “Manual Lock”, but the actual lock state stays as Unlocked. Is this just my instance? It seems to be easily repeatable with both of my 4th Gen locks on different doors.

It’s quite annoying because my dashboard shows the locks as still unlocked when that’s not the case.

Bumping this, has anyone else seen the same behavior?

I’ll submit a bug report in github, but will reply here once more in case anyone has any insight. Adding a screenshot where you can see that the Front Door entity is considered unlocked even though the device is reporting Manual Lock as the operator during the entire time (bracketed by small spaces of actually-unlocked time.) The Auto Lock operator is correctly reporting as Locked under the main entity.