August Lock keeps randomly showing unlocked when it's not

My August deadbolt lock shows it’s unlocked at random times when it’s not, anyone else experience this? Would love to be able to setup notifications for when it’s been unlocked.


I’m starting to see this, but not as many changes as you are seeing.

I have an automation set up when the sun is set to automatically turn on the nearest light when one of my August locks unlocks (e.g. when I get home after dark). What I’m now seeing is are random “unlock” events despite the lock never unlocking and locking.

I wonder if it’s WiFi related since the August Connect WiFi is on 2GHz and appears to be the most inefficient devices on my network according to the UniFi dashboard.

Ever find a fix?

Never found anything, for what it’s worth I did get another lock for a different door it’s a different look to the lock (the part number is AUG-SL04-M01-G04) and it works fine in my system–no random showing unlocked for it, so I’m not sure if it’s the different lock or the WiFi Bridge on the other lock that’s causing this or not, I ust gave up on notifications about locked/unlocked for it for now, will maybe revisit someday down the road.

I have simply noticed the update interval getting VERY long at times… Opening the august native app on my phone seems to wake the gateway and forces a status update to the cloud and home assistant.

This is disappointing as door sense is the main reason I went with the august module in my lock instead of Z-wave.

I’ve tracked this to spotty wi-fi connectivity for the August Connect itself (or the lock to the August Connect over BT). I ended up relocating my August Connect so it was closer to both the lock and the WiFi and it’s mostly stopped happening.

My August WiFi Gateway is within a few feet of the door and I have WiFi connection alerts enabled on it…

I think something changed on the August side a few months back in terms of the frequency it hard polls the device to ensure it is in sync.

manually locking / unlocking with the knob seems to be the most common case that state updates get missed.

I recently switched out my WiFi router and now my lock seems to be reporting correctly for me (didn’t even think to check the status of it because I figured it was a lost cause but it’s working great now!)


I recently installed the August Smart Lock Pro + Connect and am having the same issue.
I have a notification set to alert me via Join when the state changes from ‘unlocked’ to ‘locked’ and another when the state changes from ‘locked’ to ‘unlocked’

The lock hasn’t been touched for over 20 hours but I’ve received 3 sets of ‘unlock’ and ‘lock’ alerts.
Each time I received the alerts, I checked the lock and confirmed it was locked and the app shows that it was locked as well.

The signal strength of the Connect are strong

from another thread about same issue: