August Lock Z-Wave Integration

I have the August SmartLock Pro with the August Connect wifi/BT bridge. I have it integrated using the August integration, and it works reasonably well, but with somewhat unpredictable lags, since it is cloud-based. When I first got it, I attempted to connect it to Home Assistant using the old z-wave integration. While the lock connected ok, after awhile it would no longer be reachable by z-wave, and nothing short of pulling the batteries out would get it to reconnect. I pretty much abandoned the idea of having it on my z-wave network.
A couple of weeks ago, I moved over to the new z-wavejs integration, and I decided to try again. The lock once again can be easily incorporated into the network. However, after a few minutes, it once again becomes unresponsive. There is no way to unlock it. However, if it is activated by any other means (manually, or through the August could integration, or even through HomeKit), it once again becomes responsive via z-wave.
The best way to describe it is that the lock seems to be asleep, and until it is woken up, it won’t respond via z-wave.
This is slightly better than what would happen before, but obviously, still not right. Fortunately, this is just a minor annoyance, since I can connect through the August cloud. But still, it would be nice to get it working.
I have all the latest versions of Home Assistant, z-wavemqttjs add-on, as well as the latest lock firmware. There are no updates pending.
Anyone else seeing this behavior?

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I’ve had similar trouble getting the to wake with zwave so no help there.

On the cloud integration front, with 2021.4 (now in beta), august is now cloud push instead of poll. For me it responds faster than zwave. Ymmv (especially if your connect is far away from your lock)

I got this issue before that the zwave will update only once you open the august app and communicate with the lock. Downgrading my firmware from 1.13.2-1.59.0 to 1.59.0-1.8.15 fixed it. I haven’t use connect or the app anymore.

As per last reply on that thread, it’s not possible to downgrade anymore even if you contact August support but the 1.59.0-2.0.1 is stable.

EDIT: forgot to mention the reason I bumped on this thread. I was on OZW before and weird things starting to happen after months on zwavejs.