August Smartlock Pro 3rd Gen: Is the August Connect Bridge required for HA?

Title says it all. I bought the August Smartlock Pro 3G specifically because it supports Z-wave AND I did not think I would need the August Connect bridge to integrate the lock into HomeAssistant+Zwave setup. But I am having problems installing it in HomeAssistant (reported in another posting). So do I need the August Connect Bridge? Can anyone report they’ve successfully integrated the Pro 3rd Gen lock without the Connect Bridge?

The Smartlock Pro works with Home Assistant if you have a USB Z-Wave radio. I have one and it was initially a pain to setup because I did not configure the Z-wave network key in the configuration.yaml and options.xml files. You need to do that, then you can ‘secure add’ the August lock so it stops showing up as an unknown device. There were a few posts on this forum that helped me out–search for those.

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Thanks, I had already set up the network key in configuration.yaml. But I don’t recall the documentation saying anything about options.xml. I added the network key in options.xml, then deleted and added the lock back to Zwave and it did indeed appear.

But… my whole intent in going down this road was to access DoorSense. I see multiple august sensors now appear in HA states, but none seem to be related to DoorSense? Any ideas there? (thanks).

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On one of the forum posts here, I read about modifying options.xml if the network key wasn’t working in the configuration.yaml. Since I didn’t setup a network key when I first installed my USB Z-Wave dongle, I’m guessing the settings didn’t save in the subsequent options.xml file.

I didn’t connect Doorsense to Home Assistant because I wasn’t sure Doorsense was a Z-Wave or Zigbee device. My guess is that it is proprietary and you may need the August Connect bridge to get it working. Maybe someone else can provide an answer. Worst case scenario, you buy a Zigbee or Z-Wave contact sensor.

The ultimate goal was to get DoorSense to show up in Homekit (via Homebridge) because August does not support DoorSense in their Homekit implementation (boo August). Given that, I think getting a separate door sensor is a reasonable alternative to getting the connect. But to some degree, I don’t want yet another battery operated thingie and have to keep track of yet another battery life. So I will begrudgingly go down the Connect bridge route to capture the DoorSense state, but am a little wary of anecdotal reports that wifi adds some latency (vs Bluetooth (for sure) or Zwave?).

I know this is an aging thread - but did’t find any closer match. My apologies.
Curious if anyone has a feedback WRT latency. I got Yale August Assure lock SL (Costco) with August Connect bridge. Integration works yet there is a huge latency making automations a joke. Assuming this is principal issue since hass needs to poll the information from August cloud, right?
Perhaps going Zigbee would have been better choice. Is that correct?